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Saturday, June 03, 2006

T-Model Ford – I’m Insane

T-Model Ford is going to remember you sorry fuckers how it’s done.

Listening to this track and following his career, it’s hard to disagree with T-Model's assertion that he is insane.

T-Model, or James Lewis Carter Ford as his Mum knows him, released his debut album, full of the kind of ramshackle blues of which Fat Possum is known for, at the tender age of 70-something (he’s not entirely sure of his age). He spent many of the previous years either in bars or behind bars - including a two year stint on a chain gang of murder - and somehow finding the time to father 25 children.

Age hasn’t entirely mellowed him. Today’s track chronicles his stormy and occasionally violent relationship with his fifth and current wife Stella. His temper has meant that he has had trouble holding a band together even for the length of a recording session. His only long term cohort, until they fell out, was drummer Spam who has an equally fearsome reputation.

However, this rather sweet article suggests that behind the legends and tall tales is a lovable family man.

T-Model can currently be found dishing out relationship advice in Arthur Magazine - no, really.

T-Model Ford – I’m Insane

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