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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Smash Mouth – Sorry About Your Penis.

Just in case you thought I was being ironic when I suggested “back in 1997 every other song on the radio was about erectile dysfunction”. Even the Christmas number one featured a guy whose ‘tinky winky’ had gone ‘dipsy’.

Sorry About Your Penis featured on the b-side of Smash Mouth’s breakthrough hit Walking on the Sun. It also, inevitably, featured on the soundtrack to the Trey Parker film Orgazmo.

The song doesn’t explicitly say what’s wrong with his penis. The implication seems to be that the subject of the song is attempting to make up for a lack of size. He shouldn’t worry about it.

This isn’t the end of it. There’s more to come. A-hem.

Smash Mouth – Sorry About Your Penis

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