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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Supernaturals – Smile

1997 was the year that Britpop finally collapsed under the weight of it’s own beer belly and the pop torch was handed over to the pasty-faced miserabilists. Jarvis was busy writing the ultimate comedown album, Blur were making music for ice hockey games and supermodels were in rehab. Fairwell happy fields where joy forever dwells. Hail horrours, hail infernal world and thy profoundest hell. Receive thy new Radiohead album.

The mood of the year was summed up by this track from The Supernaturals. It’s the sound of the end of the party. It’s trying to carry on in the party spirit but it’s got a headache and would quite like a lie down. It can remember having fun without the slightest idea why.

The song has had an extended shelf life thanks to advertising executives with a one word attention span.

The Supernaturals – Smile

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